Enrichment Program

1. FasTracKids®

Since 1998, our FasTracKids® programs around the world have been providing children unique educational experiences to thrive in the 21st century. Kinder Koala offers FasTracKids® programs because we believe there is a way to teach children differently by engaging them in the way they learn naturally. We focus on young learners because early childhood is the most critical time period in a child’s life to develop their learning and thinking skills as well as building their emotional and social intelligence. All children deserve the opportunity to develop their potential for a successful future.

FasTrack® Advantages (5Cs):

We combine engaging curriculum with a collaborative and fun-based environment to create a dynamic 21st century learner. Our goals are for your child to learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think, while creating a lifelong love of learning.

There will be ample opportunities for videotaping/recording sessions whereby your child will have the chance to present and express. These presentation opportunities ultimately give your child the ability to conquer their fear and build up their confidence, which will help them in the future (be it in or outside of the classroom).

Breakdown of a typical FasTracKids® Session

Our goals are to prepare children for school and life, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills, teach speaking and communication skills through videotaped exercises, teach the application and transfer of knowledge, promote leadership and personal growth and encourage a lifelong love of learning.

Educational Zigzagging

This method ensures that students get the repetition that we know is important for learning but in a much more engaging way than the traditional drill & kill methods of teaching.

Videotaping opportunities

Young children giving an oral presentation on concepts they have learned is not a common technique in early childhood education. However, it is possible to have this skill trained and polished.

Students are videotaped regularly throughout all of the FasTracKids® programs, giving parents documented proof of their child’s progress in communication, public speaking, confidence and recollection skills.

2. FasTrack Music

All of our children are exposed to artistic opportunities in music, drama, visual arts, and dance. The arts promote creativity, personal understanding and community well-being. What would the world be without music? In FasTrack® Music, 3 – 6 year olds get to move, sing, pretend and share their love for music. As children engage in the music program, they improve their memory, cognitive development, learning skills and their ability to express emotion.

This early learning program is a fun and energetic way to introduce children to the creative world of music. Through the award-winning ABC Music & Me™ curriculum, children learn musical terms such as forte (loud) and piano (quiet). Children also learn group social behaviors such as taking turns, cooperation and listening. Children are encouraged to explore instruments, which increases auditory discrimination and a foundation for future musical interests.

3. Robotics Coding

Our Robotics Coding program is designed for children age 4 and above, is the fun way to introduce young children to the world of engineering, programming and computational thinking. Using age-appropriate robotics coding tools, this program gives children hands on experiences with challenging problem solving activities. By introducing children to this unique learning opportunity at an early age, it helps them thrive in a future where they are not just passive technology users, but inventors and innovators.

Here they will:
• Find solutions by analyzing challenges
• Understand the interrelationship between machines and the world
• Make connections between information and technology
• Design and create machines to meet challenges

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We look forward to spending the kinder years with your child and family, and hope you enjoy seeing your child’s knowledge and world expand.

It gives us enormous pleasure to welcome our new families to Kinder Koala. It is a privilege to be working with you and supporting your child as they take their first steps towards independence in a more formal educational setting.