Preschool Program

The PLAYGROUP curriculum is specially designed for our 2 to 3 years old children and is focused on exploratory experiences where we emphasize on stimulation through play. In addition, they will also learn discovery through inquiry while developing fine and gross motor skills through physical activities. Our children are given the opportunities to develop communication skills as well as expression of thought and feeling through art. As most playgroup children would be going through their first school experience, this curriculum aims to launch them into a journey of learning and discovery and acquaint them with social experiences.

2-3 Years Old

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) curriculum is designed for our 4 years old children and concentrates on promoting discovery through inquiry. It builds upon the learning experiences of the playgroup years as well as the core skills that the children have acquired. There is an introduction to integrated learning experiences through using play as a tool for purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. Our children will learn about number awareness and provide exposure to early numeracy concepts. Using a structure curriculum, our children will be introduced to phonics and reading skills systematically.

4 Years Old

We offer approved KINDERGARTEN program, complying to our National Preschool Curriculum Standard (KSPK) for children aged between 5 to 6 years old. We incorporate many learning approaches for children to have fun while learning. We do not focus only on academics but build their character along the way. At Kinder Koala, our inquisitive children are kept fully engaged in a developmentally appropriate environment where teaching, learning and play are well balanced to achieve optimal physical, mental, social and emotional development. We prepare our preschoolers who are age appropriate to attend private, international and Chinese-medium primary schools. With the need for learning in a real world context, our curriculum is specially designed based on meaningful and related themes for the children.

5-6 Years Old

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We look forward to spending the kinder years with your child and family, and hope you enjoy seeing your child’s knowledge and world expand.

It gives us enormous pleasure to welcome our new families to Kinder Koala. It is a privilege to be working with you and supporting your child as they take their first steps towards independence in a more formal educational setting.